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    FormRELeaf was designed with you in mind. Schools move at a fast pace; you need a technology that moves with you.


    E-sign with InteliSign Technology


    Patented Security Protocols



    Customizable and Flexible Reporting


    Eligibility & Physical Notifications

    Let us show you how to save valuable time with a registration process that works "smarter" for you.

    Software that works Hard for you

    Save time as FormRELeaf reduces the redundancy of data entry

    Easily maintain district and state compliance of your data with FormRELeaf.

    Keeps you informed of student eligibility

    Maintain transparency with the collection of participation fees

    Heightened security standards, provides you with worry-free registration

    Round the clock support at no additional cost

    $1.5 Million Saved With FormRELeaf....and still counting. 

    Sheets of Paper Saved
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    Forms Digitized

    Let us show you how to save valuable time with a registration process that works smarter than you!

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